My Quest For The Best Fish Oil Available

I’m putting this blog together to share my experiences trying to find the best fish oil available. You see it wasn’t too long ago I retired and was lucky enough to play golf many days a week which is a huge passion of mine.

But after a couple of months of playing I started to not feel so good. So I went to the doctor for a routine checkup, and to my surprise my blood work came back with elevated cholesterol levels just to name one problem.

After reviewing my results with me my doctor said that if I were to go and find a high-quality fish oil supplement that I could take each day I could turn this cholesterol problem around.  He was nice enough to take the time to explain to me all about the benefits of fish oil and how one needs to take pharmaceutical grade supplements.

He also explained how the Omega 3 and fatty acids will help protect my heart and allow me to play golf for many years to come.

So I went home and immediately jumped on the Internet and started looking for the best fish oil available and in the post’s to come I’ll share with you what I found that may be helpful to you as well.

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