Fish Oil Review – Which One Is Right For You?

There are many fish oil supplements on the market which is why I wrote this fish review so you can select the product which will provide the greatest benefits. Fish oil has proven cardiovascular benefits and is widely prescribed by doctors as a treatment for the age related eye disease macular degeneration. The anti inflammatory properties of fish oil may also ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis and it is believed to help retard many age related changes in the body.  One leading fish oil manufacturer is Xtendlife and here is a review of their fish oil supplement.

Xtend-life Fish Oil

Xtendlife supplements meet or exceed all international requirements for product safety and purity. Their fish oil supplements are derived from hoki and tuna caught off the coast of New Zealand. The waters off New Zealand are known to be among the purest in the world and Xtendlife fish oils test free of any traces of heavy metal contamination. In addition, they don’t contain any flavoring or additives and are guaranteed to be produced from fresh fish.

Three Options to Choose From

There are three fish oil supplements offered by Xtendlife to meet the needs of all their customers so I’ll do a review for each of them. The Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oils are necessary to good health, but the different Omega 3s act differently on the body and each product is designed to address specific areas of concern. This is a review and comparison of the three products which will clarify the differences in the products and help consumers choose the one that will best suit their individual needs.
Fish Oil Review

Omega 3/QH Ultra Fish Oil Review

Omega 3/QH Ultra is set apart from other fish oil supplements by its special CoQ10 called Ubiquinol. Most fish oils contain CoQ10 (Ubiqui) in its oxidized form which is more difficult for people over 40 to metabolize. Ubiquinol is a ‘reduced’ form of CoQ10which is easier for the body to metabolize and is therefore effective in smaller doses. CoQ10 has cardiovascular benefits which have been demonstrated in clinical studies and it improves circulation and energy levels.

Benefits of CoQ10

In Italy, 100 patients suffering from heart failure were administered 50 to 150 mg of CoQ10 per day for three months. This was in addition to other standard medical therapies. These patients showed improvement of between 60% and 80% in four key symptoms of heart failure. The percentages are comparisons of the before and after symptoms of each patient and the study did not employ a control group. This was standard CoQ10, not the Ubiquinol found in Omega 3/QH ultra.

Omega 3 DHA Review

DHA is the most nutritionally valuable of the Omega 3 acids found in fish oil and the DHA found in this supplement contains more than twice the anti inflammatory properties found in other Omega 3 fish oils. There is evidence that DHA contributes to mental acuity and cognition and it is being tested as a possible treatment for ADHD and Alzheimers disease. Xtendlife Omega 3 DHA contains about 28% DHA as compared to its competitors which contain between 8% and 23% DHA.

Benefits of Omega 3 DHA

This fish oil supplement is suitable for people of all ages and will help individuals retain good health by promoting good circulation, reducing inflammation and boosting overall energy levels. The high levels of DHA found in this supplement make it useful for those with osteoarthritis and studies have shown that Omega 3 DHA reduces inflammation as much as aspirin, but without the potential for stomach upset and damage that is common side effect of aspirin use.

Omega 3 DHA Premium Omega-3 Review

Now, the Omega 3 DHA premium fish oil review .   Xtendlife has added two powerful ingredients to the Omega 3 DHA formula. Astxanthin is an antioxidant found in krill oil and lycopene is the oil which gives tomatoes their flavor. Lycopene has antioxidant properties and, in addition to fish oil, is often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of age related macular degeneration. Xtendlife has found that when these three substances are combined the act synergistically and each boosts the other’s effect.

Benefits of Omega 3 DHA Premium

The combination of these three powerful antioxidants provides a range of health benefits, but one of the most obvious is the improvement in the appearance of aging skin. Users have noted increased density and thickness in their skin and an overall reduction of dryness and scaliness. The lycopene derivative, Lyc-O-Mato, which is added to Omega 3 DHA Premium also reduces and has been down to reverse the effects of photo aging; which is damage caused to the skin from UV radiation.

Which Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement Is Best?

All of the Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements from Xtendlife are of outstanding quality and all provide health benefits. Those who wish to protect their heart and boost their energy will be happy with Omega3/QH Ultra. Younger supplement users may prefer Omega 3 DHA which will aid in sharpening cognitive skills and provide natural energy. Seniors will enjoy the benefit of heart protection, relief from osteoarthritis and the younger, firmer skin that is offered by Omega 3 DHA Premium.

There are a number of medically proven benefits from fish oils containing Omega 3 fatty acids, but not all fish oils are the same and that why I wrote this fish oil review.  There are different qualities and concentrations of Omega 3s in different fish oil products and Xtendlife has a reputation for the highest quality nutritional supplements available. U.S. residents can have confidence in products which meet and exceed the CODEX regulations observed in Europe and Asia since there are no U.S. regulations for nutritional supplements.

To get more information beyond this review visit Xtend-Life’s website now. They do an excellent job of informing people first and foremost.

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